Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

I believe schools do destroy the development of curiosity and creativity. I am a big fan of the arts. I believe in having students attend art class, and music class. I have read articles and statistics that have shown that students who are in a music class, and are learning an instrument have higher grades than those who don't. Many schools are taking these classes out because of the lack of money, and they feel these are the least important classes; when all in all the very classes they are taking out of the schools are actually helping their students. I think that though these classes are being taken out, teachers should still incorporate these things into their lessons/curriculum. They can spark a students curiosity by playing a cd and showing different pictures of instruments that are used all over the world while discussing the History/Social Studies lesson. In doing this, it may spark some curiosity to ask their parents for some kinds of music lesson. Students could explore their creativity with their Science projects, but having to draw pictures, or make models of cells. The possibilities for the types of things students could do are numerable. I believe that yes, the actions of teacher can increase the curiosity and creativity of the students. If the teacher shows interest in these types of things, then students are more likely to show an interest as well. I know that I did not like sitting in a class where the teacher did not enjoy teaching a certain subject. The teachers lack of enjoyment shut me out to being interested. To be more creative and spark curiosity in my classroom, I would do as I already stated. When discussing things in class, I will try my hardest to incorporate different music and activities that involve music. I will also try to incorporate activities that will involve art, by having students write and illustrate their own book, or something of that nature. I think that creativity and curiosity needs to be nurtured in our students.

Art and Music

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  1. "... a students curiosity by playing a cd ..." student's not students

    Music and art - the arts in general - are not the only subjects which can be addressed with curiosity and creativity. Nor are they the only tools with which to stimulate creativity and curiosity.

    What about you and curiosity and creativity?