Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

No Electronics
So our assignment for this weeks blog post was to go 24 hours without the use of electronics. Though I tried, I failed! This proved to be very difficult for me. Almost quite impossible. Having classes that use ecollege to post lecture notes to print of for class, or posting assignments makes it kind of difficult to stay away from your computer. Not to mention this class, EDM310, where we do all of our work is done by using a computer,camera, or phone. It is even harder when you are at the end of the semester and you are having to do research for lessons plans,finishing up projects, such as our Collaborative SmartBoard project, and writing papers. Missing just one day of no technology/electronics is hard. Not to mention our final project is due next week. My partner,Candace and I were working on our project this weekend. Which included a camera, music and phones to give directions to the place we were filming. So for me college is just one little reason why it was difficult for me to go 24 hours with out electronics.

 Another reason would be, since I am on the ministry/leadership team at my church I am constantly on call. So my phone is always in use, since I do not have a land line anymore. Not to mention, I lead worship and I have to have my computer to make lyric videos for worship. Along with setting our soundboard and adjusting volume, and hooking up microphones and such. Also, I am on a constant look out for new songs, so I am always searching YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes for new music.

This day and age it is really hard for people to go 24 hours with out the use of electronics. I know, I myself have become dependent on them because I use them everyday! I think it would be a culture shock to my future students if I decided to assign a no "e-media" fast. They have become so reliant on typing in a question in a search engine online, and texting their friends that they would not how to do it.

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  1. Lesson learned! Teach your students how to use technology for learning and not only for entertainment or for social reasons. They will be even less likely able to escape the constant use of technology.