Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post #12

Watch this video by students in Birmingham, UK Engage Me!. Write your thoughts about the use of the different technology the students said they used. Would you incorporate all of them, some of them, or none of them? Why or Why not?

Engage Me!

I think that each thing that the students mentioned will be effective to at least one student. Whether it be a blog post, or using a PSP or Nintendo DS. Everybody learns differently, so may enjoy blogging, while others would rather do a podcast, or do Skype interviews. I like the thought of having different aspects of technology to use in my classroom. Many teachers think the SMARTboard is enough, but technology is still growing. The interest of our students are always expanding and changing. Technology is helping us, as educators, to become more interested in learning. It helps them become self-disciplined with their work. They do not always rely on their teachers for something. They can go and explore the internet, have Skpye interviews with professionals in the area of their interests! The possibilities for our students are endless.

I would want to incorporate everything that I could into my classroom. I want my students to be able to experience the different types of technology that can be used to teach them. I want them to find one that is suitable for them, and that they enjoy using. But not only the one they enjoy using, but find ones that will help the the most on their journey of learning.

Student Using Computer


  1. Kasey, I really enjoyed watching your video and I think this would be a great assignment for Dr. Strange to incorporate into his lesson plan for the next semester. You only had a few mistakes, so maybe try to read over it one good time before you post. It usually helps me to have someone else read it before I post as well. I also would want to incorporate as much technology into my classroom as well. I will be teaching High School, so it would be nice for students to already have a knowledge of how to do these things before they come into my classroom. I think it would be extremely helpful.

  2. Kasey,

    Interesting assignment, well done!