Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 13 Collaboration Report

I will have to say this was probably the most difficult project for me to do this semester. But not because the assignment was difficult, but because we were told we could not meet in person, that everything had to be done some other way. But the best way my group found for us to do this collaboration was by starting a Google Doc, and posting back and forth different ideas and links we could use for our presentation. Not only did we use Google Doc, but we relied a lot on our phones to communicate too. Texting was a big part of this project. It was so much more easier for us to text one another, because we did not have to be at a computer if we had to get a hold of someone. It was a way of getting information back and forth faster. We used texting to ask questions, and also to set up the days we planned on meeting for filming.

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